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Specializing in SMATV Cable TV Systems
for the campus environment.

A Satellite Master Antenna Television system (SMATV for short) is a great way to take control of your Cable TV service and save money on programming costs. With a SMATV system your campus will have an excellent alternative to traditional cable.

Helping Colleges become their own Cable TV Providers

  • Save up to 50% on cable rates!

  • Own your equipment and recover investment in two years or less

  • Utilize existing cable infrastructure or build your own

  • Control your channel lineup

  • Buy only the channels you really want

  • Insert your own local channels

  • Free yourself from the 'cable giants'

Please use the links at left to learn more about running your own campus Cable TV system.

Please call or email today, we would be happy to discuss how a SMATV Satellite Cable TV System could benefit your campus.

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