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SMATV Programming Costs

This feature is under construction. In the near future you will be able to select the channels you want to carry and view the total monthly drop charge. For help in estimating programming costs for your system please call us.

In most cases you can save up to 50% on programming costs. How do we do that?

  • We eliminate the profit margin that typically goes to the cable operator.

  • We use a single satellite provider that carries all available channels for your system, so you only need to deal with one source.

  • We eliminate the channels that you don't want, so you can pay for fewer channels. Or, if you want just as many channels as you had before, we can make sure they're all channels that you really want to offer - then you're getting more for your money.

  • You can lower your monthly drop prices by averaging the quantity of school-year drops and break-time drops. This saves you money when only a fraction of your TV locations are active in the summer and during break periods.

  • Perhaps most importantly, we save you the headaches of dealing with the huge cable companies.

On average, a small college will buy approximately 40 channels from the satellite provider. Prices per-drop-per-month range from $5.00 for a thorough selection of non-premium channels, to $9.00 with premium channels and a movie package (HBO, Starrs, ect). Most cable company rates are well above this and rising fast - and usually they don't include premium movie channels at that price! When you figure monthly savings over cable rates, most campuses can use that savings to pay off the equipment investment in less than two years.

Please call or email today, we would be happy to discuss how a SMATV Satellite Cable TV System could benefit your campus.

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